The previous restoration has been removed following the principles of minimally invasive dentistry.
A universal adhesive is applied in self-etch mode according to the instructions for use.
SDR® flow+ material is applied as a base over all the dentinal areas up to the dentinal-enamel junction.
Cavity adaptation is excellent, and the low shrinkage of SDR® flow+ material permits filling at a 4mm maximum cure depth.
After easily achieving a good fit with no visible inclusions or imperfections, the SDR® flow+ material is light-cured.
TPH Spectra® ST Universal composite material covers the entire VITA® range in only five CLOUD shades. Shade A2 is chosen for this restoration. In building up the occlusal layer, the material’s choice of viscosities and excellent cavity adaptation contribute to efficient placement and modeling.
Note the accurate placement and optimal formation of the buccal and lingual embrasures, with no excess material and no gaps. Each cusp is individually restored with oblique increments and provisionally tack-cured for three seconds. The restoration is then cured for 20 seconds at a 2 mm depth of cure.
TPH Spectra® ST Universal composite incorporates SphereTEC™ filler technology, providing an enhanced chameleon effect that simplifies shade matching. The restoration is virtually indistinguishable from the natural tooth.
Tint material is applied to create a detailed esthetic representing the central fossae, primary and secondary grooves, and secondary ridges. This step has little value for the patient, but is performed here for teaching purposes.
SphereTEC™ filler technology enables faster finishing and polishes to a natural luster. Dentsply Sirona's Enhance® mini Finishing System is used, accomplishing the entire process of excess removal, contouring and finishing simply by varying the pressure of the selected points, cups and discs.
Minor occlusal adjustment using a fine-grit finishing diamond and the Enhance® mini Finishing System on the distal-buccal area results in excellent marginal integration.
Dentsply Sirona's Enhance® PoGo® Polishing System is used to perform final polishing, and the restoration is complete. The cusp ridges and buccal surfaces correspond to the natural anatomy and are occlusally adjusted, contributing to the long-term durability of the restoration.