The completed preparation on tooth No. 5. Note the large interproximal space between tooth No. 4 and 5 potentially making a direct composite restoration difficult.

Using Caulk® 34% Tooth Conditioner Gel, the enamel margins can easily be etched to maximize the bond strengths.

Isolation of tooth No. 5 is achieved using Palodent® Plus Sectional Matrix System. Note the thin band of etched enamel present at the gingival margin of the preparation ensuring that an excellent seal can be created at this vulnerable interface.

Prime&Bond Elect® universal adhesive is scrubbed into the preparation on tooth no. 5. It is then air dried for 5-seconds and light cured for  air  20-seconds.

After placing Surefil® SDR® flow bulk fill flowable into the proximal box and light curing for 20-seconds, the final restorative layer is placed using TPH Spectra® Universal Composite HV (high-viscosity). Each 2mm increment of TPH Spectra® should be light cured for 20-seconds.

Tooth No. 5 after the final occlusal layer of TPH Spectra® has been placed and cured.

Final restoration after removal of the Palodent® Plus Sectional Matrix System. Finishing has been completed using Enhance® Finishers.

Final radiograph of tooth No. 5 illustrating excellent radiopacity of the Surefil® SDR® flow bulk fill flowable and TPH Spectra®. Also, good interproximal contour has been achieved as well as excellent contact between Teeth No. 4 and 5.