Pre-operative appearance of tooth No. 29 showing disto-occlusal caries.

Before beginning preparation of tooth No. 29, a Palodent® Plus Wedge Guard is placed between teeth No. 29 and 30 to prevent iatrogenic damage to the mesial of tooth No. 30.

Preparation of tooth No. 29 complete. Rubber dam isolation in-place.

Using Caulk® 34% Tooth Conditioner, the enamel is etched for approximately 15-seconds to avoid inadvertent over-etching of dentin.

Palodent® Plus Sectional Matrix System in place. A Palodent® Plus EZ-Coat matrix is being used which features super curved anatomical form and a non-stick coating for easier removal.

Applying Prime&Bond Elect®. The material is scrubbed into the preparation, air dried for 5-seconds, and light cured for 20-seconds. 

The first restorative layer is placed using SureFil® SDR® flow bulk fill flowable. SureFil® SDR® flow bulk fill flowable can be placed in up to 4mm increments and should be light cured for 20 seconds.

Light curing of the SureFil® SDR® flow bulk fill flowable using SmartLite® Focus® curing light.

The final restorative layer being placed using TPH Spectra® Universal Composite Low-Viscosity (LV). TPH Spectra® LV offers clinicians a creamy-handling composite that can be easily worked into a preparation and spread against the margins of the tooth.

The restoration of tooth No. 29 shown after the final occlusal layer of composite is light cured.

Enhance® Finishers can be used for contouring and finishing of composite restorations during the occlusal adjustment.

The final restoration of tooth No. 29 shows excellent contours, contacts, and color blending.