Versatile handling, made even easier to work with.


Thanks to new SphereTEC® filler technology, TPH Spectra® ST composite offers optimized handling characteristics in both a high and low viscosity to accommodate your preference and technique for placement efficiency.


• Doesn’t stick to hand instruments
• Adapts easily to cavity surfaces
• Easy to sculpt and shape
• Excellent slump resistance

Exceptional esthetics, made even easier to create.


SphereTEC® filler technology brings an enhanced chameleon blending ability to TPH Spectra® ST composite for simplified shade matching. It also enables faster finishing and polishes to an excellent luster.


• Five CLOUD shades cover the full VITA® range
• Save money and shelf space by reducing inventory
• Polish to a high gloss, faster with the Enhance® Finishing and Enhance® PoGo® Polishing systems


For esthetically demanding anterior cases, TPH Spectra® ST Effects' two dentin and one enamel shade work with TPH Spectra® ST in a simplified composite layering technique. Learn More.

VITA is not a registered trademark of Dentsply Sirona.


Esthetic results made even more durable.


With 24 years and over 174 million restorations placed, the TPH® brand has a proven record of long-term clinical success. New SphereTEC® filler technology takes that performance to the next level.


  • Excellent stain resistance
  • 60% improved wear resistance

WATCH HOW SphereTEC® Technology helps TPH SPECTRA® ST COMPOSITE DELIVER What Matters to you.

TPH Spectra ST® composite offers easy extrusion and adaption with high slump resistance.
TPH Spectra ST® composite’s unique formula doesn’t stick to hand instruments.
TPH Spectra® ST composite delivers a faster finish and high polish in less time plus stain resistance for lasting esthetics.