All indications. All etching methods.

Although the strongest bond in the mouth is to etched enamel, over-etching dentin is a leading cause of post-op sensitivity. Prime&Bond elect Universal Dental Adhesive gives you the flexibility to use the etching technique that is most appropriate for the situation.

Clinically Proven PENTA Chemistry

Prime&Bond elect adhesive is built on the chemistry of one of the world’s most widely used and clinically tested adhesives. PENTA chemistry provides a unique micromechanical and chemical bond for long-term success. Not only does the chemistry use acetone to chase water from the prep, but unlike the MDP adhesive monomer which contains just one vinyl group, PENTA contains five vinyl groups (for locking into resin). Because of this structural advantage, adhesives with PENTA are better able to resist degradation of the bond.

Consistent, High Bond Strength

The absorption of water by an adhesive can negatively impact the mechanical stability of the resin and cause degradation to the bond over time. Prime&Bond elect universal dental adhesive has low water uptake and provides consistent bond strength across varied moisture levels for a durable bond.

Low Film Thickness

In direct restorations, thick adhesives can pool in the corners of the proximal box. These adhesive pools can show up as translucent areas on a radiograph, which can easily be mis-diagnosed as a void, gap, or secondary decay, leading to unnecessary replacement. Thicker adhesives may also change the crown prep geometry, impacting crown fit. Prime&Bond elect adhesive provides a lower film thickness of resin-dentin and resin-enamel interfaces.

Cures Clear

The clear color of Prime&Bond elect adhesive helps to ensure that the esthetic outcome of your restoration is not compromised.