A more efficient, confident start to a Class II restoration. 

Every component in the Palodent® Plus Sectional Matrix System is optimized for ease of use and performance. Request a demo to see first hand how the Palodent® Plus components stack up against your current system.

Wedges (3 Sizes)

- Compresses on entry and flares upon exit for easy placement and seal
- Hollow underside allows placement of second wedge from opposite side


- Locking function and angled grip arms hold the ring securely
- Built-in grooves for resetting rings

Pin Tweezers

- Pin-in tip positively grips hole in matrix and wedge for control
- Naturally closed position minimizes risk of dropping matrix band or wedge
- Built-in ball burnisher tip

Universal Ring

- Nickel-titanium for strength and memory
- Stackable for multiple restorations
- V-shaped, glass-fiber reinforced plastic tines

Narrow Ring

- Tines set closer together for optimal separation on smaller teeth
- Up to 4kgs of separating force even on premolars

Matrices (5 Sizes)

- Significantly greater curvature on horizontal plane
- Gingival apron is optimally shaped to significantly prevent gaps in gingival-axial corner

EZ-Coat Matrices (5 Sizes)

- Ultra-thin, non-stick coating makes matrix removal easier
- Greater curvature for anatomical precision and less interference with ring placement
- Sizes color-coded for easy identification