Fewer Steps. Less Time. Impressive Results.

On average, finishing and polishing represents 14% of total chair time for a Class II procedure.4 Why so long? Because dentists know that a smooth, well-contoured surface is essential to the beauty and longevity of any dental restoration. With the Enhance finishers, you can achieve a natural looking finish in less time. It achieves both intermediate and final finishing in a single step, with a single component.

4. DENTSPLY Caulk Procedure Timing Breakdown Study. Data on file.

Finish in one step

Use Enhance® finishers after gross contouring with a bur, and before picking up polishers, to minimize surface irregularities and smoothly contour the restoration surface in one step. Add pressure to remove more material, then back it off for a naturally smooth surface. Enhance finishers break down with use, giving you the results of a loose abrasive but without the mess.