Power may not go the distance. But focus will.

With SmartLite® Focus®, you can trust that your curing light is doing its job. From its deep penetrating collimated light beam to easy handling and operation, you’ll discover that having focus is essential to what you do.

Focused Collimated Beam

  • Cure to clinically relevant distance
  • Greater energy available at the floor of the proximal box
  • Lower risk of uncured resin at gingival margin

Excellent Intraoral Access

With a lightweight (90g), 330° head rotation and pen-style design you’ll experience excellent intra-oral control that’ll help you maintain a steady hand at the proper angle. Keeping the light tip stable and flat to the restorative surface is critical. It helps ensure sufficient light reaches the corners of the proximal box, which is especially difficult when space and access are limited in the back of the mouth.