No ordinary flowable.

As the first self-leveling bulk fill flowable with significantly lower shrinkage stress, SDR® flow+ material needs to be experienced first-hand. Request a sample today, and see how it can make a difference in your Class II procedures.

Advanced SDR® technology

Studies indicate that high shrinkage stress may lead to marginal gap formation2. With SDR™ Technology, a “Polymerization Modulator” was chemically embedded in the polymerizable resin backbone of the SDR™ resin monomer. Based on scientific evidence, the “Polymerization Modulator” in SDR™ resin reduces stress build-up upon polymerization without a reduction in the polymerization rate or conversion. Through the use of the Polymerization Modulator, the SDR™ resin forms a relaxed network and provides significantly lower polymerization stress than any other conventional resin system.


2. Nedeljkovic et al. Is secondary caries with composites a material-based problem? Dent Mater 21 (2 0 1 5), e247-e277

The ultimate low stress posterior composite

The breakthrough SDR™ technology allows polymerization shrinkage stress to be significantly lower with SDR® flow+ material. Less stress is transmitted to the tooth when compared to conventional flowable composites.