Do you know how much restoration replacements are costing you? It really adds up.

Each failed restoration could be costing you $292 in chair time and materials2.
Calculate the potential amount you could be saving annually by adjusting the numbers below.


Total Class II Restorations performed in a year


Percent of replacements in a year3

Potential Annual Savings:


2. Dentsply Sirona survey June 5, 2012 n=297
3. Flávio F. Demarcoa,∗, Marcos B. Corrêaa, Maximiliano S. Cencia,et al. Longevity of posterior composite restorations: Not only a matter of materials; Elsevier Health Dental materials 28 (2012) 87-101.

Isolate the restorative field.

When using resin-based restorative materials, both isolation and accurate contact creation are essential for success. The Palodent® Matrix Systems provides tight contacts, anatomically accurate contours, and helps create a tight seal around the restorative field, especially at the gingival margin.





Create a strong bond.

Regardless of the chosen etching technique, the unique chemistry of Prime&Bond Elect® adhesive provides consistently high bond strengths and virtually no post-op sensitivity with low film thickness. 



Maintain marginal integrity.

SDR®flow+ material can be placed in bulk up to 4mm and is self-leveling, providing excellent cavity adaptation.

Cure to clinically relevant distances.

The SmartLite® Pro® curing light uses a homogenous beam profile to deliver uniform performance across the curing area. This can lessen the negative effects of inherent operator and patient movement during curing.