Go for a smooth finish

Ensure lasting beauty and quality for every Class II dental restoration. Enhance finishers gives you a smooth finish to minimize the presence of surface irregularities that can lead to staining, plaque retention, gingival irritation, recurrent caries and tactile perception by the patient.

One Step Finishing

Use Enhance finishers after gross contouring with a bur, and before picking up polishers, to minimize surface irregularities and smoothly contour the restoration surface in one step. Add pressure to remove more material, then back it off for a naturally smooth surface. Enhance finishers break down with use, giving you the results of a loose abrasive but without the mess.

Single Component Finisher

Enhance finishers eliminates the pop-on, pop-off switching between finishing discs by offering a single-component design. With no need to change finishing discs, you can stay focused on the procedure to achieve a better finish, faster. 

Pressure Controlled

Use more pressure for an aggressive initial finish; less pressure to smooth the surface. Finish strong in one step for long-lasting Class II restoration success.