You can't overstate the benefits of doing the basics well. And the finishing step is critical to overall restoration success. Dr. Nick Conte, Director of Clinical Research and Education at DENTSPLY, walks through the process step by step to ensure you take full advantage of the unique benefits of Efficient Esthetics to finish your Class II restorations.

Simplify the Shade Selection Process

TPH Spectra® has a chameleon effect that allows just seven shades to cover the entire VITA* range. This helps dentists more accurately match the tooth shade to offset variables in shade selection including extrinsic staining, lighting, and shade availability.

Utilize your Preferred Viscosity

TPH Spectra® composite offers preferred handling options in both low and high viscosity. So you can work the way you choose, faster, with confidence in achieving a natural look your patients will admire.

Finish In a Single Step

Enhance® finishing system can achieve both intermediate and final finishing without changing tips for speed and ease of use.

Achieve Achieve Patient Satisfaction

With approximately 1/3 of annual dentist-generated revenue coming from direct restorations4, a positive Class II experience is more important than ever.